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HOW to MAKE the Crafty Ponies SADDLE (Part 1)


CRAFTY PONIES Sew! Play! Learn! Love! Crafty Ponies, a revolutionary new sewing kit to make a soft toy pony complete with stable, tack, accessories and educational website. Give any child the joy of owning, caring for, and learning about their very own pony! The kits have been designed to be sewn up by adults and played with by children. The kits contain fully illustrated instructions and there are photographic and video instructions on the website, to make sewing and making simple and fun. Children get satisfaction from helping to make their own gorgeous pony and then learning from the on-line eRiding school! The saddle, bridle, headcollar and rope are mini working versions of the ‘real thing’. The first 15 lessons at Crafty Ponies eRiding School are FREE! They teach how to put on the saddle and bridle, how to tie their pony up, how to groom and much more! Children can practice on their Crafty Pony! Weekly lessons, quizzes, fun and games can be accessed through an annual subscription, With Crafty Ponies children can enjoy learning about and caring for their very own pony in the safety and comfort of your own home! …

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HOW TO MAKE the Crafty Ponies SADDLE (part 1)

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